Saturday, December 12, 2009

My freezer dinners!

So i've gotten some more meals put in the freezer. Actually I have a list of 14 meals i'd like to have ready, i've got 6 done so far. Not bad. I'm not trying to cook them all in one or even two days, i've given myself a week.

First I made a list of the dinners, after scouring cookbooks and websites. Than I made a grocery list and went to Meijer and Sam's club. Here's my list. I'll put the one's I've finished first and link them to the site I found them at if possible.

1. Bean & Pasta soup

2. Lemon chicken: I make this up, and froze them in bread pans, THAN once it was frozen, I removed them and put them in a vaccum packed bag. (Frozen liquid doesn't get sucked out and prevent the whole vaccuum thing LOL)

3. Chicken Manicotti: I didn't freeze it with the sauce, but rather just ran the pre-frozen chicken tenders under warm water enough to cut in half, seasoned them with salt, pepper, garlic and stuffed them into the shells. They are pretty tough, i didn't have any break. I than used the plastic package them came in to store them in, just wrapped them in tin foil than a plastic gallon bag and wrote directions on top.

4. Stew meat: I just seasoned it, browned it and threw it in a freezer bag, ready to throw into a crock pot.

5. Beef roast: Put some garlic cloves in side, salted and peppered and vacuum sealed.

6. Meatloaf: dinner tonight lol. Instead of making once loaf, I made 3. 3 pounds of burger, 1/2 pound of sausage, some homemade breadcrumbs (Abigail can't have crackers), some canned mushrooms with the juice and beef broth. Oh and salt and pepper, onion and garlic too. I made 2 loafs in a bread pan, and froze them raw. Once frozen I popped them out (a little hot water on bottom helps) and vacuum sealed them.

Here's the one's I still have to make

7. Chicken Pot pie: no recipe really, just some dough, pot, cooked chicken cubes, frozen mixed vegi's flour to thicken, I freeze them raw.

8. Beef Noodle Supreme:

9. Lasagna: I've done this many times. I make a HUGE pan, cook it, cut it into single meal size portions, once it's cooled. Vacuum pack it, it's GREAT warmed up!!

10. Beefy Rice Casserole:

11. Cheesy Ham & Hashbrown casserole:

12. Chicken Fahita Meat: Just pre season and cut chicken into strips, freeze.

13. Stuffed burgers: Well i don't have a recipe exactly, but basically make two patties, make a mixture of butter, garlic, cheese, onion, or whatever sounds good, put a blob in the middle and put the patties together, smoosh the edges together and freeze in a single layer on a cookie sheet. Than you can put them in a bag together (freeze separate, than you can get them apart to cook w/o waiting for them to thaw)

14. Chicken Broccoli Bake:

Just a tip, make sure you label everything. If you can put cooking directions on them. You may remember now, but in a month or so, you may not!!

I did put some cooked chicken and broth in the freezer too, and some cooked burger for spaghetti.. Now for the rest of my list lol.. If you have idea's about some recipes, lets hear them. And that's it!!

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