Tuesday, December 1, 2009

my oldest wants to know!

OK, so it's been a while since I've posted on here, sorry. I seem to be on my facebook page alot more often lol. So if you know me, you can find me on there and keep up with me. We've had a lot going on, and Dec and Jan will be very hectic..

I just had a quick thought for here today.

My 9 yr old asked me yesterday, "Why do people idolize Santa?" We've been learning about the fruits of the spirit and flesh in our Bible study we have here. We also just got done studying about halloween, so it's all still very new and interesting to her.

So why do we idolize Santa? How, you may be asking me.. Well think about it, what do the songs that we sing over and over say??

"He knows when you are sleeping,
He knows when your awake,
He knows if you've been bad or good,
so be good for goodness sake"

We don't just sing this over and over, we hear it in the stores, on the radio, even in the cartoons and movies we watch. And we want them to believe it. How is God suppose to feel about that?? We put more effort into making them believe in Santa than him.. On top of all that, it's all a lie..

Out of the mouth of babes, it's no wonder he wants us to be like children...

(In case you didn't already know, we don't celebrate Christmas, as a matter of fact the only "holiday" we celebrate is Thanksgiving. If you know me, this doesn't come as a surprise, if you don't well, sorry for the shock, you can breathe now. We celebrate God and all his truths, the KJV Bible way, and celebrating a Pagan filled holiday is NOT one of his commandments. If you want to know more, here's a post I made a few years ago about Christmas. I make no promise that you won't see more or less on here about my beliefs, but I do promise that if you ask me, I will tell you. I'm not ashamed for how and why we believe, but I want to be a postive example, not a cram it down your throat kinda person.)

So pray for us these next few months, we have some things going on that are going to make us VERY busy.... I will try to post a little big more often, I just don't want to bore everyone and repeat everything all facebook lol..

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