Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Canning in an RV

One of the things I miss the most is my kitchen in our old house...  I miss my garden and canning.  While I couldn't convince my hubby that canning in an RV was a perfectly good idea, I did manage to bring along some of my supplies...  And haven't used them yet!

Than he brought home some Kumquats and instead of letting them go bad, he suggested I make marmalade..  

It's not as easy but its not impossible!!

I found a recipe online.  It is a basic marmalade recipe with kumquats, oranges and lemons.

I used jars we emptied and saved since moving.  All we had to buy were some lids and rings... And sugar.  And I still didn't dig out my canning supplies.  It was dark out and they are in a tote in the back of the storage trailer.  We managed.
I can't say its a favorite since we are not huge fans of marmalade but it won't go to waste..  It turned out thinner than I expected as well, but that could have to do with our small stove burner. I actually used my thermometer on this one since it was having a hard time boiling.

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