Saturday, January 31, 2015

Storage: dog food, bread, potatoes

Living in an RV, storage is always the issue.  Aside from the sorting out what you don't need part, you have to keep what you do need organized, air tight and out of the way.  Here are a few of the things we have done.  

We have dogs, they need food.  We have to keep it stored outside and don't want to attract other animals to it.  We also want to keep it fresh.  We always used a tote in the house but that wasnt mobile enough for us now.  I grabbed an empty pail we had and realized a very awesome thing...  One 18# bag fills one 5 gal pail PERFECT!!  So now we can set the bucket outside and nothing gets in to it.  We have a gamma screw lid so it is very air tight.  Never had rain leak in.
Since we have a big dog and a small dog, we go thru one big bag every few weeks. It doesnt have time to get stale.  They are usually more that happy to eat what ever doesnt fit in the bucket too lol. If I do have extra in the bag I store it in my truck for a day or two, it usually fits by than.

Keeping bread safe is always a problem lol.  It gets smached, dogs get into ot, it gets stale.....  So I started looking for something to hold it safe.  I was SO excited to find a 'bread buddy'. The only place I have seen them is at Dollar General, they cost $3.50 and are worth it!!  After realizing they worked so well, I bought a second one.  

I was storing potatoes and apples in a bag on the table bench.  After it getting kicked around, rolling out, trying a few other bags, etc I finally came up with a solution.  One of my Thirty One bags, lined with a cut box to make one side stiff and the bread buddy's on the other side. PERFECT!!  It keeps everything contained, slides easily under the table and it looks nice too!

2 loaves of bread and 10#'s of potatoes safe and sound under the table

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