Saturday, January 3, 2015

Time to compare?

Yup we are still here!  We moved to a new camp ground with alot of trees, nature, fresh air and quiet.. but with it comes tempermental signal.  We love it!!!

For the New Year we are starting our 5th month of being a full time RVer in Texas!! I think its time for a few comparisons.  (Between MI and TX)

1.  I miss coffee shops, the ones where you can splurge and get something you don't make at home.  No I don't consider McD's in that category ( but the closest one is still 30 mins away).  So far the only decent one I have found is inside the HEB over an hour away.

2.  Instead of coffee shops, they have donut shops, literally everywhere.  This would be awesome if they sold Gluten Free treats but they don't :-(. The kids however love having The Donut Palace and The Texas Donut Ranch so close.

3.  I know video stores are closing down everywhere but they don't have them anywhere down here.  Redbox is it and they are not that great!!  (They really are a waste of time)

4.  When it rains it POURS.. literally!!  What we call a light sprinkle in the north doesnt exist.  If it isn't pouring its drippy, I can't explain it, but its just not the same.  It soaks everything, it floods every where... But when its not raining it more than makes up for it.  The 'winter' feels more like Fall.  Colder at night, flirting with ice but rarely gets there, and warms up in the day.  The leaves are off most of the trees but not all of them.  Fall is my favorite season, it always has been.

5.  Living in a travel trailer is not an odd thing to do.  And when you want some land, you move your trailer to it.  Driving around you see many places with barns, chickens, gardens and the home is a travel trailer. 

6.  Yes Ma'am No Ma'am...  Thats how its said here.  Its still sounds odd to me.  It feels weird to say, not because I don't respect people but we grew up saying Mr or Mrs not Ma'am and Sir.  We aren't trying to fit in but rather to be true to ourselves... So the verdict is still out on that one.  Our children are learning a new way to reply as well.  Its been an interesting part of our journey.  When in Rome.....

7.  There are no Spartan stores in every town, instead there is a Brookshire Brothers..  Same idea though.  I do miss Meijer, McCords and Horrocks!  HEB is a pretty good combination of the 3 stores but they are not in small towns, so we are about an hour from the closest one. 

8.  There are churches everywhere, lined up on the main roads in towns.  And on Sunday mornings, the parking lots are all full!  Religion is taken very seriously and so are our freedoms.  I am not the only one walking around in skirts and no make up, I can't say I have ever lived where I didnt stand out for those reasons.  No one has asked me where we go to church (that was a very common question).  I'm not complaining, I'm just going to keep on being me!

9.  Oh and the ice stations, how can I forget.  Ice cream places stay open year round and there are ice stations every where.  We stopped at one once because we were curious.  Its all electronic, you pay and tell it what size bag or cooler full you want, it measures it out and either sends it out the shoot in a bag or loose to go into a cooler.  It even serenades you while you wait... Can you possibly guess the song???  My kids got such a kick out of it they are begging to get ice just for fun lol

Living in a small space is definitely not for everyone,  but for us, we have no complaints.  We are taking our adventures as they come.  How else will our kids get to see and really learn about Armadillos, alligators AND blizzards!!  Reading and seeing in a zoo is great but experiencing in person is even better!!

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