Thursday, October 23, 2014

Crock pot breakfast

I love my crockpot, it really is no secret if you know me at all.  A year or so ago I found a website that I fell in love with and to my delight, there was a cookbook to go with it.  I was blessed by a friend in another state who mailed me one!!  I think of her everytime I use it.  Here is one we tried a few days ago, of course I changed it a little!

Here is the recipe on her blog.  If you love crock pot cooking I would recommend her book!  Its all GF recipes as well but nothing you can't easily make 'normal'

So what did I do different?  I added mushrooms and used sausage patties instead of links.  It was very good but everyone said it was not very 'breakfasty'... is that a word? Lol. It was nice having an easy filling breakfast ready for the start of a busy Monday.  I think some butter or bacon grease, maybe starting with fried onions and peppers might make it taste more like a breakfast.  Still super good! You could easily swap the sausage for cooked bacon or ham too.. 

The best part is always leftovers!!!  Supper the next day was some crock pot chicken and broth from a day before.  I combined the chicken, broth, some fresh veggies and the leftovers (sausage and all) together and had some chicken stew.. Yum!!!  


Angela Sabbe said...

Couple of questions :) Did you cook it over night, or just a few hours in the AM? And I notice in the first pic, the potatoes are cut, did they get that brown oxidation on them from cooking slowly? I've never used my crockpot for breakfast, can ya tell? ;)

Jen said...

I cooked it all night. The potatoes we cooked but not black. The moisture from the heat and foods I think prevents the oxidization coloring