Wednesday, October 29, 2014

French Fry bake

Tonight was a last minute figure it out as you go kinda day!!  I love being creative and I love making due with what I have on hand.... Most of the time... Yesterday was NOT one of those creative day.  

But today!!!!!!!

So I had the basics...onion, green peppers, bacon grease, celery and even some chopped carrots from yesterday..  Chopped them all up and cooked them a bit in the grease.

It needed meat, so I dug in the freezer.. And found some sausage patties.  (I decided bacon was for breakfast tomorrow YUM)

So I added them to the mix, let it cook a bit and the sausage ended up chopping into a crumble as it cooked.  

The plan actually started with some french fries in the freezer.  So I added them on top of this mix and put it into the oven at 400.  I stirred it a few times, careful to not mash the fries and dug in the fridge for some topping.  After realizing the jar of cheese dip was moldy we opted for the sour cream and some sharp cheddar cheese. And back into the now OFF oven it went. It melted just right, I might have to rememeber this one!

This pan is one of my favorites.  Its an 11" heavy cast iron pan that is used almost daily.  When filled it has enough to feed my family of 6!  Cornbread, granola, even cake and breads!  LOVE my cast irons!  

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