Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Homemade Citrus cleaner

I am a firm believer that Homemade is best!! 

In the kitchen and the cleaning!!  Here is my favorite cleaner.  Its simple and has only TWO ingredients, literally.  

White vinegar
Citrus peels (orange, lemon, lime)

This stuff really works.  I will say however, don't use grapefruit lol.  It ends up with a bitter smell and the kids are not fans of it.  This batch is lemons and limes (advantage of the south is they are always cheap)

Here are a few Q&A's about it:

Yes it smells like vinegar still, but the citrus helps freshen it and the vinegar smell goes away pretty quick.  Your house does NOT smell like vinegar forever.

Vinegar cleans pet smells!  I use it where cats have sprayed and they don't come back!

I have sprayed it on mattresses after an accident as well.  Spray on and let it soak, than use a towel or let air dry.

It gets sticky off from stickers and tape.  I follow up with window spray if the window is cloudy.

It does get an old smell after a while but after a LONG while. 

Make it is whatever size batch you need. Usually I do Qts but I had a lot of peels to use up and no room to store them.

You can use fresh, frozen or even dried peels, just add vinegar and let soak.

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