Friday, October 17, 2014

Getting there!

I have been busy taking pictures of my baking again. My family thinks its funny but its just so I can share them here.  I LOVE cooking and baking and having a small space to do it in, isn't slowing me down :-)

Here is my kitchen on a pancake breakfast day.  My large Pampered Chef cutting board works perfect over the sink to create more counter.  We had to pack our Bunn away (we couldn't bring ourselves to tossing it), it just isn't practical in here.  We found a vintage looking one at Walmart to replace it.  It doesn't need to stay plugged in and fits in our cabinet above the sink for storage. 

We don't need fancy or even a big space to make it home :-)
No regrets!!

Our kitchen in our S&B home was awesome..  We remodeled and made it a working kitchen and boy did I work it :-). Here are a few pictures, one of it 'working' in the middle of the moving process and 2 from the listing for sale now.  I miss my kitchen but love the challenge and time I now have to just have fun and cook.

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