Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Chronicles of a Pregnant Mom Jan. 16,2008

Well week 37 is here. 3 more weeks to go. We hope we make it mostly there, but you never know. These things just can't be planned. She has turned and dropped again, and my last 3 pregnancies have been like clock work. Drops at 6 wks before, than again 2 wks before. So it could be 2 wks. She's definately moving down and getting ready. I'm getting less and less comfortable by the day.

I've been working on getting some meals in the freezer too. Quick dinners after the baby is born. So far I have Lasagna, meatloaf (I freeze it raw), browned burger (for spaghetti, goulash, tacos etc), Chicken noodle soup (for dumplings), and I'm working on some stew meat for quick stew, hopefully. I've got more in the freezer for quick fixes. I always have chopped peppers, onions, celery, bananas (for bread and cake), squash, beans, and a ton others. So I think we're getting there. I'm going to put up the baby bed today. Oh and pack our bags LOL, I know I always had that ready by now too. I want to try to get our taxes ready to go too. I'll have to wait till after to get them out (have to wait for the W-2), but I can get it all around. And of course try to keep the house and laundry caught up so there's not so much to do after.

So here's the latest and greatest picture of me and my big self!

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