Friday, January 25, 2008

Chronicles of a Pregnant Mom Jan. 25,2008


I need/hope/pray to make it 10 more days. Mark will have some time off starting then, and will be here all day. That takes the worry out of, will he or won't he make it home? You see our hospital and babysitter is about 40 miles away from home. I just don't think I'm going to be able to load up the kids and make it there alone. At least that's the worst that could happen right? I know, it could be worse. But we are hoping that she'll wait till the 4th and I won't have to worry about it.

10 more days mean, 10 more days of sitting around and taking it easy which is difficult with 3 other kids here. My house turns into a war zone when I sit to much. My kids help ALOT, but I can't expect them to do it all, they are after all only kids. The oldest isn't even 8 yet. Just keeping the 2 yr old out of trouble is enough work. And I've officially hit that miserably pregnant stage. Sleep is very scattered, yesterday I woke up at like 4 am with really strong contractions (again), but couldn't get back to sleep, so I was up all day. I did squeeze a little nap in, but David wasn't sleeping, so I couldn't sleep really sound. It lasted only an hour too. When I don't get woke up with contractions, I wake up cause my leg. shoulder or arm is asleep, or my hip is stiff and sore. I'm not a side sleeper, so now is not a good time to try to, but on your back is worse. So I wake up to roll over and of course have to get up and go to the bathroom. This happens every 1-2 hrs. if I do sleep so heavy that I don't wake up, I am stiff as you can get when I do. [sigh], the joys of pregnancy. You see if I wasn't waiting for Mark, than I would be out walking, and if I was out walking, I'm sure we wouldn't make it. Even going to the store starts the contractions, and pushing the cart certainly doesn't make it easier. I had a huge relief yesterday, I had to get diapers, had to, couldn't wait any longer. Well my niece had a half day, so she came with me. It was so nice having someone else make sure David didn't lose his gloves and climb out of the cart, and push the cart, and chase him when he did make it out. It worked out very well. I truly thank her for coming with me. It was a huge help. I even got to stop and sit down and not have to worry about David getting board and running off. I know they have seat belts, but how they expect a child who can undo the clip to not get out is beyond me!

So we're trying very hard to be lazy and sit down alot. Walking across the house is tough. My belly actually is sore. The underside of my belly, from the weight is sore, when I stand up. My ankles and hands keep swelling up too. I've been drinking a ton, previous labors have started early due to dehydration, so I'm staying hydrated, which doesn't help the swelling either.

So my happy to be pregnant post are probably over with now LOL. I'll keep you all updated still, but it may not be pretty LOL.

So that's all for now. Time to go check the laundry, trying to not let everything get behind. I'll only stress about it later if I do. And I think I'm ready for some lunch, hmm 12:40 YUP!



mandikaake said...

You'll make it mama, we're praying;)

On the diaper note - did you know you can find most brands of diapers on ? You can sign up for their subscribe and save and will save 15% off the regular price. Since one case is over $25.00 (generally), shipping is free. So you get cheaper diapers delivered right at your door before you need them. We get 7th Gen. diapers and it costs under $10.00 per package plus I don't have to come up with gas money to go and get them. Just thought I'd pass that along;)

Jen said...

I'll have to check them out. I buy the Walmart brand "Parents Choice" 80 size 5 diapers for $13.67. Best deal I've found so far, but like you said it includes gas and the hassle. It's even a little cheaper than Sam's club.

Thanks for the tip. The Contractions have slowed down today, so that's a good sign. 9 more days!