Thursday, January 3, 2008

Chronicles of a Pregnant Women Jan. 3,2008

Well I haven't posted on just the whole pregnancy thing lately, so I thought I would

Today I am 35 wks, which means I have 5 more weeks till my due date of Feb 7.

On Dec 19 at 33 wks she dropped, which usually happens between 6-8 wks before delivery. She will drop again probably 2 wks before. Now not all pregnancy's work like that, but I think that's the general rule. My boys were both really low to start with, so when they dropped, they were ready and also early. This one has been sitting up high (like our other girl was), so now that she dropped, she's not as low as the boys were at this time. Matter of fact I was facing bed rest with the boys. If I didn't chill out and do my best to calm the contractions, I was going to be in bed for good. Phew, glad that didn't happen. So considering the boys, I feel pretty good. Yes my back hurts and yes my belly feels heavy and uncomfortable, but I can stand this LOL.

Yes I feel HUGE! But surprisingly, not a huge as the last 2 times. This time around I've had the added joy of being borderline gestational diabetic as well. Which means I have to watch my sugar intake or it gets to high and could cause ALOT of problems. I think we've gotten that figured out for the most part, the watching the sugar is kinda hard. Chocolate and ice cream could be a staple when your pregnant if your not careful LOL. Yes pickles are good to, but NOT ON the ice cream LOL.

So that's it for now. I've still got to get the baby bed and all that stuff set up. Since we rearranged I'm not really sure where I'm going to put it yet. Either in my room or the office, upstairs doesn't seem like a good place yet. She'll probably be sleeping with me anyhow!

Well ta ta for now, it's back to school for me, well for the kids!

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